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Medical Alert Services

Best Medical Alert+™ 

A provider of monitoring solutions that compliment home care providers by providing 24/7 care for those who are alone or at-risk.


These solutions include:

  • Personal emergency response systems (PERS)

  • Medication compliance assistance

  • Special adaptive switches*

  • Multilingual Services available 24/7 (most are available 24/7)

      *Available for purchase


24/7 Monitoring: Our 24/7 monitoring at the VRI Care Center is by staff trained for medical alert monitoring only (We do not monitor security alarm systems) and are trained to work with the elderly. All of our monitors do 2-way voice monitoring!

Best Medical Alert+™ provides medical alert monitoring only, rather than medical alert monitoring as a secondary business. The way we handle our calls, as well as deliver the service in the home is sensitive to the concerns of the elderly and at-risk. Accidental activations occur, and it is okay. Though the units are auto-tested, regular manual testing (or practice) is encouraged.

Closed Looped Monitoring: After we have contacted family, friends, EMS, police, or fire department for help, we do not assume that they responded. We will stay on the line until help arrives.

Care Center: At the “VRI Care Center” (central monitoring center) units are monitored by a CSAA 5-diamond certified monitoring center. It has total dual redundancy and generator power backup. Daily monitoring of the response time from the signal hitting the server to the care center talking to our members and add staff as needed to maintain a quick response time. The VRI Care Center who monitors our customers has received a CSAA (Central Station Alarm Association) 5-Diamond Certification.

Language Line: There are over 170 languages spoken in the United States. Using Language Line Services, we can monitor any non-English speaking member.


Added Value Benefit – Care Calls: Our primary purpose in providing electronic monitoring is to create peace of mind, so those who are at risk and alone can stay in their own homes longer. Being able to get help quickly provides reassurance and security. This is not only true in the event of a medical emergency, but also if they are threatened by an intruder or a victim of elder abuse. Our monitoring is NOT just for medical emergencies. We encourage our members to utilize their system for whatever reason; for example, having a stranger at the door, hearing noise at night, going up and down stairs, etc. Our friendly monitor will be on standby until we are sure the individual is safe. If necessary, we will call the local police for assistance and a family member or friend for support. There is no additional charge for these calls. Recently, we have been told that other companies market this service, but do not encourage non-emergency utilization. We strongly recognize the benefit and welcome each call.

Added Value Benefit – Incident Reports: To assist home health care professionals in their care for the patient, we provide an incident report, either by fax or email, within a few minutes after we have called for help. This information is very helpful in increasing the quality of care they offer and is a tremendous savings financially, by not having to compensate for time and mileage for a missed visit. There is no additional charge for these reports.

Caring Support:  We realize that in this industry, customer support and problem solving is essential for the quality of care we strive to provide to those who trust us to be there when they need help.



Medical Alert ONLY! – 24/7 central monitoring at the VRI Care Center by staff trained for medical emergency response not security alarm monitoring. The goal is to respond to each call like a family member or friend versus simply dispatch monitoring that is common with 91I call centers.


Experience – For over 20 years, The VRI Customer Care Center has helped hundreds of thousands of seniors and at-risk individuals who maintain and enjoy their independence longer.


CSAA 5-Diamond Certified – Each Care Representative is trained to meet strict CSAA requirements in addition to the standards set by VRI’s Best Medical Alert+™.


Total Redundancy – The Care Center maintains two locations with two different phone systems and power grids in addition to back-up generators. The 2nd center is also used for training so that each Care Representative is familiar with the facility.


Quick Response Time – Our average response time is between 3-5 seconds. This is the time that it takes for our VRI Care Representative to respond to a signal after it hits our system.


Preventative Calls – non-emergency but potentially an emergency situation; i.e., stranger at the door, noise at night, ascending or descending stairs, feeling faint or dizzy, walking to mail box, etc.


Adaptability – Care Center can monitor most medical alert units.


Digital & VoIP Compatibility – VRI’s Best Medical Alert+™ has developed a solution to provide medical alert monitoring to most of those who have cable telephone systems.


HIPAA Compliant

Central Office and Central Monitoring USA Based

Live operator medication adherence monitoring


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