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How It Works

Medical Alert Home System

The Care Center assistance is available when family members can’t be – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


  • 1. Press the personal Call Button, and Best Medical Alert+™ system automatically dials the Care Center.

  • 2. A trained Help Advisor answers and talks with you over Best Medical Alert+™ systems built-in speaker phone.

  • 3. The Help Advisor calls for EMS, family, friends or neighbors.*     *(Footnote: as designated by client)

  • 4. Your Help Advisor stays on the line with you until help arrives if requested.

In a potentially hazardous situation, our members are encouraged to contact the Care Center by pressing their personal help buttons. Within seconds, a friendly Care Monitor will attempt to make voice contact over the 2-way voice Care Communicator. The Care Center will monitor the situation to make sure our member is safe and secure. If it is necessary, they will call the local police or sheriff’s department or EMS to request assistance.

Expand Your Safety Net

For even greater protection, you can add special features like medication reminders, smoke detectors.


What’s your peace of mind and personal safety really worth? 

Experience knowing that help is always there. Live at home more freely and independently with Best Medical Alert+™

  • Reassurance & Peace of Mind

  • Security

  • Quick Response

  • Independence

  • Freedom to Stay at Home Longer!


  • A stranger at the door

  • Hearing noise at night

  • Ascending & descending stairs

  • Inclement weather; i.e., local flooding, tornado

  • Walking to the mail box in rain or snow

  • Feeling faint or dizzy

  • Arriving home after dark

  • Concerned about taking medication; i.e., insulin

  • Assistance for another family member or friend

  • Personal Emergency Response System which includes a 2-way communicator, a water resistant help button, and 24/7 monitoring.




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