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Frequenly Asked Questions


1) How much does the Best Medical Alert+™ System cost?

The cost of our (basic landline system) is 24/7 monitoring plans are as follows – monthly(29.99), quarterly(24.99 x 3) or annually(19.99 x 12) all billing is prepaid recurring, plus a one-time $10 service fee to establish the account. Other plans are available on our pricing pages.


2) May I change my monitoring plan?

You may change your plan with us at any time.  Refunds apply to the first initial 30 days only, equipment and accessories  must be returned to avoid any additional charges.  You must also return our unit at anytime when you are finished.  Simple!


3) If I press the button will I get charged?

No you do are not charged any additional charges for pressing your button.  Your monitoring plan covers you.   Our system is there for you 24 hours a day 365 days a year and we also recommend that you test monthly.  Be sure to use your emergency anytime that you feel you need to.


4) Do private insurance companies cover the costs of the system?

This depends on your insurance company. It is always a good idea to ask. Some of our subscribers are covered either through insurance or through local agencies that help those who cannot afford the system but need the security. In most cases customers pay out of pocket.


5) I live in a small town. Can Best Medical Alert+™ be used here?

Best Medical Alert+™ can be used anywhere in the USA. All you need is a phone line and our system will provide you with help 24/7. Or, choose one of our cellular medical alert units that offers a medical alert systems with GPS & Fall Alert with out a phone line.

Servicing all 50 States with Medical Alert Monitoring


6) How do I order or obtain more information on this service?

To order our system or receive additional information you can either:

Call our Office at 1-800-592-1575 or
Mail in your order: Valued Relationships, INC.  300 Commercial Center Rd.  Franklin, OH 45005
Order online at


7) How much is installation?

Our system is so easy to install that the system comes ready to be plugged in. You are welcome to request an installation sheet ahead of time to see how easy it is to install when you do it yourself.


8) If I am not in the same room as the main unit will anybody hear me?

Our units are designed with a highly sensitive 2 way voice system. In most cases you will be able to hear from another room. If you are unable to talk or if we are unable to hear you, our trained emergency team will send help right away. It they can not hear you on the device, they will call your home, and then call EMS and family members, friends or neighbors that you designate.


9) Can the wrist unit or pendant be worn in the shower or bath?

YES! We recommend that you wear your wrist unit or pendant in the shower or bath. Did you know that most falls for seniors occur in the bathroom?


10) How far is the range of the wireless call button?

The range of our wireless call button is up to 650 feet from the main unit (this applies to our basic units). However, it should be noted while being used inside it is normally problem free. If you go outside the home the range may vary based on a number of issues such as home construction, terrain, model and weather.  If you select a gps unit your range is only limited by the cellular carrier.


11) I have a pulse phone at home. Can this unit be used with it?

YES! Whether you have a Tone phone or a Pulse phone our system will work. When you sign up for our system please be sure to mention whether your phone is Tone or Pulse.


12) I have a Cable VoIP system. Will your system work at my home?

YES! We offer Medical Alert Devices with world class electronics that work perfectly with most Cable VoIP systems.


13) Do you offer a money back guarantee?

YES! We offer a 30 day 100% Customer Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. Just call for a free shipping label to return your unit.

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